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01/18/2019  Heitzinger Burgerball Vienna, Austria
01/18/2019  The Officers' Ball Vienna, Austria
01/18/2019  Flower Ball Vienna, Austria
01/19/2019  Ball der Pharmacie Vienna, Austria
01/19/2019  Zucker-Backer Ball Vienna, Austria
01/24/2019  Vienna Philharmonic Ball Vienna, Austria
01/25/2019  Ball der Technik Vienna, Austria
01/25/2019  Wiener Akademiker Ball Vienna, Austria
01/26/2019  32nd AASO Viennese Ball Portland, Oregon
01/26/2019  Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften Vienna, Austria
01/26/2019  Ball der Industrie und Technik Vienna, Austria
01/26/2019  Quadrille Ball New York
01/26/2019  Wiener Arzteball Vienna, Austria
01/29/2019  Ball der Alt-Hietzinger Vienna, Austria
01/31/2019  TU Ball Vienna, Austria
02/01/2019  Boku Ball Vienna, Austria
02/01/2019  Viennese Opera Ball in New York New York
02/02/2019  Stanford University Viennese Ball Burlingame, California
02/02/2019  Viennese Strauss Ball Detroit, Michigan
02/02/2019  Viennese Nights: A Grand Victorian Ball San Diego, California
02/02/2019  A Night in Vienna Great Neck, NY
02/09/2019  Salt Lake Symphony Vienna Ball Salt Lake City, Utah
02/09/2019  IAEA Staff Association Ball Vienna, Austria
02/16/2019  Evening of Viennese Waltzing Washington, DC
02/16/2019  Hofburg Gala der Wiener Wirtschaft Vienna, Austria
02/16/2019  Johann Strauss Ball Vienna, Austria
02/22/2019  Ball der Wiener Kaffeesieder Vienna, Austria
02/28/2019  Vienna Opera Ball Vienna, Austria
03/01/2019  Bonbon Ball Vienna, Austria
03/02/2019  Strauss Ball Wood-Ridge, NJ
03/02/2019  JuristenBall Vienna, Austria
03/04/2019  Rudolfina Redoute Vienna, Austria
03/05/2019  Elmayer Kranzchen Vienna, Austria
03/29/2019  Vienna Boys Choir Ball Vienna, Austria
03/30/2019  Viennese Winter Ball Ottawa, Canada
04/12/2019  University of Wisconsin Viennese Ball Eau Claire, Wisconsin
04/13/2019  University of Wisconsin Viennese Ball Eau Claire, Wisconsin
06/14/2019  Concordia Ball Vienna, Austria
06/15/2019  Bal des Parisiennes Paris, France
06/28/2019  Fete Imperiale Der Sommerball Vienna, Austria